Why am I losing most of the new Instagram followers after a while?


I had a really unpleasant surprise lately. I was making 2-3 Instagram posts a day and finally started to get some attention. Most of the times I got likes only, a bit fewer followers and some comments. So my follower count was growing nicely. But after a couple of days, those followers just disappeared.

My first reaction: they like my post to get me to like theirs back

The logical conclusion would be that they like and comment my post just to get my attention and get me to like their post in return. It’s a common practice and used since the beginning of the social media era. I cannot blame them for doing that because I have done it myself too. A couple of times, manually, not much, just for an hour or so.

I got more likes than views

The thing that saddened me the most was that I got more likes than there were views on that same post. I was posting videos. In a perfect world, it’s impossible because how can you like something if you have not even seen or listened to it. And that’s when I got suspicious about the likes, followers and maybe even the comments.

I knew there were bots, scripts, algorithms and farms

I’m aware that there are many services available that offer likes, followers and comments for money. I also know that there are software applications that like, follow and comment posts for you. You just have to enter some parameters and let the script do the work for you.

How big is the fake Instagram traffic?

So I went to search for some answers. I found some blog posts claiming that almost 50 million Instagram users are fake. The other website suggests that 8% of the Instagram accounts are fake. It's said that roughly 30% of the accounts are inactive, posting rarely if at all.

Does the cheating undervalue the power of Instagram promotion?

So what next? I guess I’m just going to continue posting some videos and images to Instagram to see if the longer timeline makes any difference. Some of the followers that I gained stick around till today. So, after getting rid of the fakes and bots there are still some real people that you can count on.  

Cautious information about Instagram

  • There are applications that make robot clones of a user and act with the same style and interests
  • There are services that automate follows, likes, and other actions for users

Important information about the Instagram promotion

  • Poor audience quality affects your reach and visibility
  • Your account can be affected by bots and robots liking, following and commenting on your posts
  • Post interactions are dropping due to overall increasing levels of content
  • Posts with hashtag and location get more engagement

Last update: 2019-01-04 (Y,M,D)

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