Most Useful World of Warcraft Addons That I Use in 2018


I have over 20 toons in World of Warcraft that I play at least once a month. Five of those I occasionally play on a daily basis: log in at least. So, most of the addons that I use are for managing toons and keeping the bags, banks and UI clean and organized. I will share you my list of most useful World of Warcraft interface addons that I use in 2018.


I could not imagine playing the game without this addon. I am using it in every step from managing gold to getting an overview of amounts of crafting materials, currencies and gear across all my toons. Main uses for this addon are:

  • Managing gold
  • Search alts bags or loot tables
  • Overview of items and materials cross-realm and account-wide
  • Overview of currencies cross-realm and account-wide
  • Overview of post expirations
  • Overview of rested XP, skill summary, equipment etc
  • Overview of bag usage for every alt

FlyoutButton Custom

I'm using FlyoutButton Custom to declutter my actionbars. It is a similar solution to Blizzard buttons like traps and teleports. With that addon you can make your own drop down/up buttons. The main use for me is to converge similar actions and items under one button like:

  • Teleportation: Dalaran heartstone, Garrison heartstone, Heartstone and other teleportation items
  • Most used mounts: repair, transmog, water, flying etc
  • Buff items: crystals, etc
  • Traveling buffs: Goblin Glider, Whistle, Kite, Avianas feather etc


I use it for obvious reasons. The most useful feature of this addon is the ability to see items auction house prices on item tooltip area. But there is more:

  • Scanning auction prices
  • Auction prices on item tooltips
  • Knowing when to sell and buy
  • Posting multiple stacks at once
  • Undercutting

O Item Level (OiLvL)

To see the item level of equipment in bags and inventory without hovering over the item. Plus it shows item level and raid progression of player and all members in instance,party or raid.

Master Plan

The main usage is to suggest and complete parties to maximize mission rewards from Garrison missions.


It is a pet journal alternative or upgrade. Main features:

  • Save and load teams per target
  • Manage leveling pets and queue
  • Find counters with Strong Vs and Tough Vs
  • Search for abilities
  • Add notes


For monitoring DPS, damage score etc.

Planning on future using and testing

  • Button Forge

Last update: 2018-04-27 (Y,M,D)

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