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I’ve been using in both ways by now. The first impressions for me are way better from the employer point of view. Mainly because all the works that I have posted were successful but not all the contests and bids that I was involved with ended up getting the work or the prize money.

Things may move very slowly on Freelancer

So, you find a contest or a project to bid on or submit to. After that, there is usually a 3-week period for the employer to pick the bid or award the winning entry. In my case, it almost always took more than a month to get from discovering the job entry to seeing some kind of results. Even if I pretty much always looked only the contests that were ending in a day or less. Only in order to speed up the process for myself. So, you need to be prepared for a lot of waiting … I mean a lot.

Many projects not ending up hiring

I was constantly monitoring the job listings that I bid on. The truth is - nothing really changed on the list. Most of the time the list of works I bid on was just hanging on there waiting for its due date. I didn’t see projects hiring people. What I saw was just a dead list of projects and lots of bidders.

No point in making a bid to a project

As there are only a limited amount of free bids available I decided to abandon the idea of bidding on a project for good. I found some criticism on Google search towards Freelancer, mainly concerning fake projects, fake accounts and high project fees for freelancers. I found too many complaints about freelancers not getting paid and employers disappearing. It all makes me cautious about ever bidding on a project again.

Better submit only to guaranteed contest

The same goes for contests with no guaranteed prize money. You might end up submitting an entry for a contest that the holder completely ignores or uses it only to gather ideas for free. There were contests not getting any entry awarded and just a waste of time for the freelancers. If you want to practice your skills then go ahead but if you want to make money then go for the guaranteed ones.

A good place to post a contest

So, to wrap it up: The best way to use is to hire someone or post a contest. I’d suggest the last one because you can compare the results of your own needs, not some random portfolio or past work experience. You can post a small fraction of the work as a contest and then continue working with the freelancer that won that contest. It’s better than picking someone based on a beautiful and promising piece of writing.

Last update: 2018-11-28 (Y,M,D)

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2018-11-28 My first experiences and lessons with