My First Experience with Online Marketing


It's been a while since I started with online marketing but I haven't made any posts about it. So I'm gonna start with digging up my old notes about finding my way towards effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Don't advertise YouTube links via Facebook

These are just my first observations but if your goal is to get YouTube views then please don't use Facebook as a means to get your fans to click your YouTube video link. The cost difference measured by a cost per view (CPV) for my most expensive Facebook (YouTube link) campaign and the cheapest YouTube (Video Ad) campaign was 55-fold. As far as the average CPV for both of them the cost difference between advertising YouTube videos via Facebook vs YouTube directly was 36-fold against Facebook.

Cost per Reach

One of the first things I wanted to know was the main influencers of cost per reach. In order to find it out I made a spreadsheet and started inserting data. Even after getting all the cells covered it still didn't make much sense. So I started searching for the patterns and connections.

As for now I have only managed to get the slight connection between engagement rate and cost per reach. But even then there are some exceptions to that. Check the graph below and decide for yourself if there is a connection or not.

Cost per Reach and Engagement rate

Cost per Reach, Locations, Interests and Behaviors

The other thing I kind of noticed was the correlation between cost per reach and locations, interests and behaviors. More rural areas tend to have lower cost per reach. Plus increasing the number of interests and behaviors seems to rise the cost per reach too. But as my research is still in its early stages I cannot confirm it fully.

First lessons in one sentence

- Prefer YouTube over Facebook while advertising YouTube content.
- More engaging posts tend to have lower CPR in a Facebook campaign.
- The cost of targeting and its effect on CPR needs further analysing.

Last update: 2018-04-27 (Y,M,D)

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