Is it Possible to Find a Good Clickbank Product?


When I first heard about Clickbank I was pretty exited. The description of the platform was almost exactly what I was looking for. But not for much later I discovered the not so good part of the service.

The first day I registered myself to become a Clickbank affiliate I didn't notice anything that would bring my positivity down. The amount of the products available seemed overwhelming and possibilites were endless.

As I knew what I was looking for I jumped right in and started promoting a diet plan. The first days it didn't get many clicks but I wasn't saddened by that. At that point I was just interested in testing of the platform and the possibilities.

So, as I was promoting the product and got some hops I was calling it a success. I was promoting the product on a website so it was pretty much passive for me. As the website was monetized by other means too I wasn't worried about the fact that I got nothing from Clickbank.

I was fine with that until I needed a product for my yet another website that had no monetization means implemented at that point. As the webpage was not that advertising friendly (because of lack of the content) I had to find a way to monetize the site without getting approval for its content.

That's where I hit the wall. I went to Clickbank and knew exactly what kind of product I was looking for and started searching for the products to promote. And I found one - pretty fast.

Days went by and I got a great amount of hops. The % of the hops compared to visitors was outstanding - ca 30% of the webpage visitors clicked on my Clickbank banner. And I know why. Because I was promoting them just what they needed. But that was not enough, because what wasn't happening was the sales.

So one night I was watching TV with my girlfriend and her family. Half of us were surfing on the phones and laptops at the same time so I took the time and searched more products from Clickbank.

I did a separate e-mail address just to test those products that I wanted to promote on my website. Time went by and about 5 hours later I discovered the fact that most of the products I was looking at were bad, some really bad.

Why? Because all I was thinking about when I was looking those landing pages and offers was: "Do they really think that they can pull the trick and sell me something that smells so bad at the start?"

Most of those offers seemed just a cheap way of getting my money. The most saddening part was that majority of them used the one and the same layout that I remember looking like scams at the first place.

And then it hit me. Years back, when I knew nothing about Clickbank and online marketing I happened to bump into those Clickbank looking offers here and there. And almost any time I was looking at those I was thinking to myself: "Who would actually believe that? Who would actually buy those products? The layout and the introduction videos were even worse than those at the TopShop TV commercials."

Still, there are people making money on Clickbank and are very happy about that. So, if you know something that I don't or want to enlighten me then please feel free to do it in the comments area below.

But from a sellers point of view I am considering creating a product that I can sell via Clickbank. Why? Because there are loads of promoters out there and I believe I could make a product worthy enough. I wouldn't waste my time on a training or educational product thou.

Last update: 2018-04-25 (Y,M,D)

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