What I learned from shooting Mercedes combo video


So, what did I learn from shooting Mercedes Benz combo video?

You need a team

We had three cars to shoot so we had total of four cars. We used Audi A6 Avant for recording the other three cars. As a crew we had five persons. I was recording the scenes. My brother was driving the Audi and other three friends were driving the CL420, S300 and CE AMG. We didnt need any extra light so we managed to do it with just five of us.

Sometimes one day is not enough

You might think that one day is enough to make those video clips but sometimes it isnt. For example, the weather is not right or you forget to charge the extra battery or memory card runs out. Whatever the reason, just be ready to extend the process to a longer period of time as first expected.

Do some research

Before doing something its always a good idea to check out how others are doing it. I found a cool footage of how BBCs Top Gear was shooting one of the videos I really liked. They used Range Rovers to transport the cameraman. The cameraman was sitting at the back of the car, rear door was fully opened, and the camera was sticking out from the open door. We used the same way to get those shots of the three mercedeses.

Bring some food or snacks

You dont want to break up the day because of a hunger or thirts. Better bring some food and snacks with you so you can be rolling the whole day without major disruptions.

Do multiple scenes

Make sure you shoot more that one copy of each scene. They might not be the exact copies of each other but just in case do it twice. You might stumble across some good ideas while doing it twice or just get lucky with some help from the environment. For example, you might get some birds flying over the scene, some random vehicle entering the scene or whatever that makes the scene more interesting by an accident.

Record shorter clips

Shooting the video is easy but sorting the files and cutting the clips is a real pain. So make the clips shorter to save yourself from endless cutting and wasting time on watching and analyzing those long clips over an over.

Arrange files properly

After you have monitored your freash video clips make sure you name them by the content. You dont want to wonder about what is on that file named 20170512143245.mp4. It is much easier if you named that file right after you reviewed it and if possible give it a rating so you know if that file is worth watching again or not.

Last update: 2017-04-25 (Y,M,D)

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