How to replicate any beat?


How to replicate any beat

Create a beat grid

Open an image editor, drawing or illustration application. Next you need to draw a beat grid out of 16, 32 or 64 squares of same size depending on how complicated the beat is.

Beat Grid

Filter out the frequency zones

Next open an audio editor. Cut the beat you want to replicate into a sample loop. Cut the whole loop from the start to the end - one repetition. Then take that audio clip of the beat and filter out different frequency zones. You want to filter out those zones in order to separate kick, snare, hats etc.

The zones depend on the loop but for the start try filtering out three different zones. Filter out 0-60Hz, 1000-5000hz, 5000-20000hz. Then take the waveform screenshots of all the filtered loops.


Map the filtered results

Go back to an image editor or such and copy the waveform screenshots of those filtered frequencys next to a beat grid. And stretch them so that they match the grid. Next map the beats from the audio screenshot to the grid.

Map Beat

Lay down the replicated beat

Now that you have the beat mapped open your digital audio workstation and start laying down the beat according to the mapped grid. If you did everything correctly you should have just replicated the beat you wanted. If you did some mistakes then you can always repair it back and forth during the process.

Last update: 2017-04-25 (Y,M,D)

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