How to create custom video transitions using Blender 3D


How to create custom video transitions using Blender 3D

The process

In this tutorial I am dividing the process into two parts:
- Creating a transition file
- Applying the transition file

Open new project

- Set the dimensions to 1920 x 1080 px for HD resolution.
- Set background to black.
- Put on an environment lighting.
- Delete any additional lamps or light sources.


Make the transition animation

Animation should start off with black screen and end up in a white screen. How the transition is going to work later is that everything that is black is not shown and everything that is white is fully shown. If its 50% gray then its shown as it had 50% opacity added to it. To make it fully working you need to start your transition file with 100% black and end with 100% white. Everything that is between is up to your imagination.

Black to White

Usually I make the transition 30 frames long. In case of 30fps its duration is one second. In the example below I put some white columns to enter the scene. It started off with black screen and ended up with the white columns filling the whole screen resulting in a 100% white screen.

Animation Example

Export video file

I prefer *.mov file format and H.264 encoding.


Start a new project in Blener

Now open up a new project in Blender to add your newly created transition into effect. From the screen layout dropdown menu choose Video Editing.

Video Editing

Add images or movie clips

Next add two images or movie clips to projects timeline.

Add Images

Add your custom transition

After you have added images or movie clips its time to add the transition clip. Mute the transition clip because you dont need it running on the screen. Its there only for the mask information.

Add Transition

Apply transition

Now it is time to add the transition to an image or movie clip. Select the strip from the sequencer and scroll down to modifiers menu. Add a strip modifier - mask. And then select the transition file to be the mask. Next scroll back up and change the belnd mode of the strip to Alpha Over.

Apply Transition

And there it is

If you did everything correctly you should have your transition fully working now.


Last update: 2017-04-25 (Y,M,D)

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