How to clean white background using Gimp


How to clean white background using Gimp

Create a new layer

First you need to create a new layer over the image you want to clean.

Fill the layer with green

Select the layer you just created and fill it with green. You can use any shade of green, just pick whatever shade feels best for you.

Green layer

Set blend mode to saturation

Take the green layer and set its blend mode to saturation. Everything that is white now is seen as bright red. Areas that are darker red are actually gray. Areas that have some other color in it are not monochrome shades but colored shades or other objects.

Green layer

Paint or cut out the areas

Now cut or paint out all the areas you want to make white. Everything that is supposed to be white should be bright red on the picture. If it is not red then there is some shade or color in that area. Just test it out yourself and you get the idea. It needs some experimenting but its a handy tip after you get used to it.

Green layer

Last update: 2017-04-25 (Y,M,D)

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