How my footage got into Fashion TV


How my footage got into Fashion TV

It started out by recording photoshoots

I was visiting my sister in US and went along with her while she had yet another fashion photoshoot. While standing there and watching the photoshoot I was wondering why not grab my video recorder the next time I come along with her.

The set was set

After all, everything was already set by the photographer and extra staff if needed. So, all I really had to do is to push the button and do my best. I didnt have to worry about the lighting and the scene etc. It was all done by the photoshoot crew.

Low budget camera

As the lighting was always good I got the best out of my low budget video recorder. It was just a simple Sony HD camcorder but I managed to get a pretty good image out of it.

You need to have an eye

I have always had an eye for taking pictures and shooting videos. So it wasnt that hard for me to get into the role. And I didnt have to fear if I failed because it wasnt about the videoshoot but photoshoot. Me, shooting the video, was just a random extra. My own hobby.

I could experiment as much as I wanted. I was able to test different exposures and distances and focal lengths etc. I had zero fear of failure because non of my work was important at that moment. It wasnt about my work, I had free hands.

Editing and adjusting

As I had no restrictions during videoshoot I had also no restrictions about the rest. So I was again able to test different settings of color levels, adjustments etc. I could cut the footage wherever I wanted and put on a background music according to my own taste. I also didnt have any deadline, so I was 100% free of any rules and orders.

Made 4 of those

So, as time passed I made 4 videos out of 5 photoshoots and we put those up on my sisters youtube channel. It took like 2 months for Fashion TV contacting my sister and asking for a permission to use those footages in a Fashion TVs schedule.

Last update: 2017-04-25 (Y,M,D)

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